Basic Information:

Midgard, or Earth as the humans like to call it, is the world that connects the nine realms.

Its people are split between two sets of Gods, the Norse Gods and the Greek Gods. Of course, the Greek Gods are the true Gods of the realm, but in the areas that have been forsaken by the Greek Gods the Norse Gods have meddled with things. This overlap causes tension between the realms, as the Greek Gods seldom even offer an ounce of recognition that the other realms exist, even though they know good and well that they do. In turn, the beings of the other realms merely keep their distance in hopes of keeping the peace between the nine realms, but peace is teetering on the edge as the Greek Gods declared that should a being that worships the Norse Gods set foot in their home, Greece, they would declare war!

There is an area where neither set of Gods are worshiped regularly. This is where the Elves and Dwarves roam freely. The map above depicts this area, with the exception of Dragon Island as that area falls under the Norse Gods. This is the area where Zelia was created. Those of Greek origin refer to the area as The Forgotten Land as their Gods leave it to the fates, whatever happens, happens so long as the people of The Forgotten Land keep to themselves.

The seas, on the other hand, are almost exclusively under Poseidon’s control. He, Hades, and Hermes even created a keeper of the dead to deal with the souls of those lost at sea, some of you may know him as Davy Jones.

The Forgotten Land:

Called that only by those who do not dwell there, as for its residents it is anything but The Forgotten Land. With that said there are several Kingdoms, Villages, Towns, and other such places.

The Forgotten Lands actually extend farther to the south than the map shows and another map will be made when Zelia travels south, for now, she moves north so it will be a little while.

The Forgotten Lands sit relatively far north, receiving harsh winters with rather mild summers. They sit a good ways north of Greece and it is the job of the Hyarmen Elven Kingdom to keep the people of the Forgotten lands from inadvertently igniting a war with the Greek Gods.

Where the elves live:

Where the dwarves live:

Lands of the humans:

The Elven Kingdom of The East

Ruler: Queen Eleanor

Description: There land extends past their river borders but nearly all of them live within the inner borders that guard against the Darkans that spill over from the Darkan Mountains. All of the homes and most every other structure is made completely of living material, mainly trees that have been shaped to fit their needs.

There are two entrances, a tree root bridge that passes beneath a waterfall and a dock that allows for trade with Riverdain. As such all foot traffic moves through the entrance to the west and all movement by water flows through the entrance to the east. Both entrances are guarded by armed guards at all times. Even trespassers on the outskirts of their land are stopped for questioning unless they are an elf.

They also keep a guard to the north of the kingdom, outside of their inner borders, to contain the Darkan threat and ensure that no one ventures north of The Wild, into the lands of the Greek Gods. They also keep a guard to the north of the kingdom, outside of their inner borders, to contain the Darkan threat and ensure that no one ventures into The Wild as the wolfbloods who live there rather dislike outsiders.

Allies: Everyone except the Darkans, but then again no one likes them.

Drakeon Empire

Ruler: King Eleut

Heir: Prince Curet

Description: Unlike The Elven Kingdom of The East, the Drakeon Empire is built of stone. The empire has both an inner and outer wall, but many of the elves live north of both walls.

The forest surrounding the empire is old and angry, much like King Eleut. The Darkan Territory was actually once part of the Drakeon Empire, but when some of the Dökkalfar (whom the Darkans are descents of) moved to Midgard they took over this land. There has been fighting in the area ever since.

The elves of this kingdom trade with The Trading Town, getting anything they wanted from the dwarves through the humans.

Hyarmen Elven Kingdom


Description: The youngest of the elven kingdoms, the Hyarmen Elven Kingdom was constructed when the Greek Gods made their declaration against the trespassing of those from the forgotten lands some 1200 years before Zelia’s creation. The elves of this kingdom are mainly from the Elven Kingdom of The East with only a few handfuls of elves from the Drakeon Empire moving to take up guard against the ignition of a war with the Greek Gods.

Due to being such a young and hastily constructed kingdom, it is constructed of stone. Unlike either of the two elvish kingdoms, the elves are spread out so that they may cover the entirety of the southern border. These elves are not nearly as light hearted as they are weighted down with the responsibility of keeping anyone from incurring the wrath of the Greek Gods. They are also not allowed to travel as freely as the other elves as nearly every elf is needed to keep the mass expanse of the border. Once the dwarves of the Monrim Mountains were known to help the elves, even going so far as to help them construct buildings for nothing more than their friendship, but those years had long passed by the time of Zelia’s creation.

Mountain of The Old Ones

Currently the home of Darkans, until something can be done about that.

Previously the home of the dwarves.

Description: Though the dwarves are inherently small they always took visitors into consideration when building their lavish halls beneath the rocky peaks of the mountains. Even the tallest of elves and wolfbloods can walk standing straight without fear of hitting their heads. In turn, their paths lead deep into the heart of the mountains, the dwarves even went so far as to make tunnels to The Hold to facilitate trade with those east of the Faithfull Mountains.

The dwarves were also deep in trade with those of The Trading Town, with a select few traders venturing south, to the kingdoms not shown on this map.

Hold of The Dwarves

Ruler: Is unofficially Prince Connan

Description: Comprised of hastily put up shelters made of felled trees.

While the dwarves quite literally despise living above ground, they are entirely too stubborn to move to the Monrim Mountains, the southern home of the dwarves. Of course, there is also the fact that they chose their position to irritate King Eleut as he did nothing to warn them of Knightoff’s movement, even though he knew that the dragon moved towards the Mountain of The Old Ones.

Monrim Mountains


Description: Only the younger of the two homes of the dwarves by 300 years, it was constructed in a time when the Greek Gods were on relatively friendly terms with the Asgardians and other realms. Monrim Mountains is a fairly large kingdom, the mountain’s footprint is nearly as big as the The Elven Kingdom of The East’s land encircled in rivers. As such it stands as the largest of the two dwarf kingdoms and is the only of the two that still holds dwarves that are capable of the older dwarf magic. One of their dwarves, Multly, was even brought in as part of the guild of wizards and as such has prolonged his life just as all wizards of the guild; even the elvish wizards of the guild experience an extended life.

Kingdom of The Mountains

Ruler: King Greggory

Description: The ‘Kingdom of The Mountains’ it is merely located near the base of the mountains, with the exception of The Hold.

The kingdom itself is mainly open grasslands and fields with dense forests here and there. All the same, the Kingdom of The Mountains is the largest of the Kingdoms in respect to land area. That is due to the previous ruling family, the O’fels, and has actually been shrinking under King Greggory’s rule.

While the Kingdom of The Mountains has a stone wall surrounding the most concentrated portion of the population, it does not offer much protection. There are several low balconies that overhang the wall offering breathtaking views of both the mountains and the open fields. Should some quick moving force move in without forewarning these balconies could be their downfall, but thanks to having access to The Hold, and wide open fields nearly completely surrounding them, this must not have been a huge concern when the kingdom was being constructed.

All the same, this is where the King that united all the humans of The Forgotten Lands under one man chose to reside.

The Hold

Part of the Kingdom of The Mountains

Description: The Hold butts up against the sheer cliff of the Faithfull Mountains and overflows into the caves below, with tall walls and great corridors concealing the cave mouth below. Tunnels run deep through the mountains, some merely to the other side while others run clear to the Mountains of The Old Ones.

Both the outer and inner walls feature large walkabouts and separated stairs, allowing for the most protection possible. The gates on the outer wall were forged of metal, a great gift from the dwarves to the old line of Kings, the O’fels. The inner gates were made of hardwood and latched with a sturdy piece of timber.

This is a fortress from a time when human, elf, and dwarf relations were at their strongest and Darkans rampaged while the Gods bickered over who should rule what is now know as The Forgotten Lands. Few remember these times, but the oldest of the elves do as it was their time as children that was plagued by wars among both mortals and Gods.


Ruler: King George I

Heir: Prince Aurthor

Description: Coridale broke away from the Kingdom of the Mountains when King Greggory took over, the two Kings were childhood friends and took the separation in good tidings.

Coridale is relatively small, the mass of the population is enclosed in a wall of stone with only farmers and their families living outside the walls. Due to King George’s paranoia towards anything magic, there is an armed guard that patrols the villages that sit closer to the central kingdom.

A result of the King’s paranoia there is that there is no official alliance between them, the dwarves, or the elves. There is merely an informal agreement that the elves and dwarves are to steer clear of the area. This is a risky choice as the elves are usually the ones to come to everyone’s aid, though that it is doubtful that they would turn their backs on them if a need should arise.


Riverdain is officially a part of the Kingdom of The Mountains, but they have little association outside of trade with them. The town primarily relies upon trade between The Elven Kingdom of The East and the kingdoms to the south for economic income.

Their trade market is riveting with business, yet the town suffers because of a greedy Lord who hoards all the money for himself. The only business that doesn’t seem to be fazed by the unjust Lord is the Tavern, which draws all kinds of unsavory characters. With the Tavern being the only public place to get food in town it makes it a happening place all times of the year.

While the inhabitants of Riverdain are quite used to being frequented by elves, trappers, and other characters of the sort, they are unaccustomed to being visited by dwarves as they are a good ways off the beaten paths of which dwarves take.

The Trading Town

Ruler: Vincent is the unofficial leader of the town, though there is no official government.

Affiliation: Mountain of The Old Ones (until the Darkans took it)

Description: The Trading Town is driven by trade with the dwarves and elves. Since the elven rulers of the Drakeon Empire and the dwarves tend not to get along, the people of the trading town serve as middlemen and reap the benefit from the easy transactions.

The mass of trouble that these people see comes in the form of Darkans and trappers. Most trappers are mere businessmen, who are fairly respectful of others while a handful of them are trouble makers who'd start a fight over so little as an unwelcome glance towards him or anything he deemed to be his.

These fights draw a crowd of spectators and are only stopped if the fight escalates to the point of destroying the property of townspeople.